Biden says ‘It’d be fun’ to watch DeSantis and Trump face off in a presidential primary

At a press conference the day after the 2022 midterm elections, President Biden said “It’d be fun” to watch re-elected Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump compete in a presidential primary. Biden also replied to a question about recent polling showing that a majority of voters did not want him to run for a second term. He replied that this would not factor into his decision to run for reelection.

Video Transcript

- Obviously a lot of attention on 2024, now that the votes have been cast in the midterms. 2/3 of Americans in exit polls say that they don't think you should run for reelection. What is your message to them? And how does that factor into your final decision about whether or not to run for re-election?

JOE BIDEN: It doesn't.

- What's your message to them, to those 2/3 of Americans--

JOE BIDEN: Watch me.


- OK, one more [INAUDIBLE]. Very quickly.

- [? You ?] saw Governor Ron DeSantis with a resounding victory in Florida last night. Who do you think would be the tougher competitor, Ron DeSantis or former President Trump? And how is that factoring into your decision?

JOE BIDEN: It'd be fun watching them take on each other.