Biden says this Supreme Court is not 'a normal court'

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On Thursday President Biden delivered remarks following the Supreme Court's ruling on affirmative action, which said that colleges and universities must stop using race as a factor in the admission process. After the speech, a reporter asked Biden whether the high court was "rogue," to which he responded, "This is not a normal court."

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: You know, I know today's court decision is a severe disappointment to so many people, including me. But we cannot let the decision be a permanent setback for the country. We need to keep an open door of opportunities. We need to remember that diversity is our strength. We have to find a way forward.

We need to remember that the promise of America is big enough for everyone to succeed. You know, that's the work of my administration. And I'm always going to fight for that. And I want to thank you all. And I know you've been told I have a helicopter out there waiting to go up to do an interview in New York.

I'll be talking to more about this live interview. But thank you very much. And we're going have plenty of time to talk about this, but we're not going to let this break us. Thank you.

- President Biden, the Congressional Black Caucus said the Supreme Court has thrown into question its own legitimacy. Is this a rogue court?

JOE BIDEN: This is not a normal court.