Biden says US vaccination effort is 'weeks ahead of schedule'

US President Joe Biden celebrates 50 million Covid-19 vaccines administered since he took over, saying the rollout is now "weeks ahead of schedule." Biden came into office promising 100 million shots administered in his first 100 days, something critics said was an insufficiently ambitious target, but Biden says his administration is now on track easily to exceed.

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: Just before I was sworn in, I indicated that my goal was to get 100 million COVID vaccine shots in people's arms in my first 100 days as president. At first, critics said that goal was too ambitious. No one could do that. Then they said it was too small. But the bottom line though is that America will be the first country, perhaps the only one, to get that done. And today, I'm here to report we're halfway there, 50 million shots in just 37 days since I've become president. That's weeks ahead of schedule.