Biden seems to say 'No one f***s with a Biden' during tour of Hurricane Ian devastation

After touring areas of Fort Myers, Fla., devastated by Hurricane Ian, President Biden engaged in a conversation with Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy and appeared to say, "No one f***s with a Biden." Murphy responded, "You’re goddamned right," and laughed.

Video Transcript



RAY MURPHY: Thanks for everything. Just coming down, we appreciate it.

JOE BIDEN: Keep the faith.

RAY MURPHY: [INAUDIBLE] That was. That was.

JOE BIDEN: No one fucks with a Biden.

RAY MURPHY: Yeah, yeah, damn right.

JOE BIDEN: You can't argue with your brothers outside the house.

RAY MURPHY: That's exactly right. That's exactly right. All right, good to see you.

JOE BIDEN: Thank you guys.

- All right, guys--