Biden Shares News of US Soccer Team's Win at Michigan Engagement

President Joe Biden learned of the US Men’s National Team’s victory over Iran while at a speaking engagement in Michigan on Tuesday, November 29, footage shows.

Video shows Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed taking a phone call and delivering news of the World Cup win to the president, who takes to the stage and says into the microphone, “US beat Iran 1-0 […] They did it. God love ’em.”

The president was in Bay City to discuss his economic plan. Credit: President Biden via Storyful

Video Transcript

BRUCE REED: Great, thanks.

- USA won?

- Oh yeah.

BRUCE REED: It's done, right? OK. OK. Thanks. 1-0, we won.

JOE BIDEN: We won.

BRUCE REED: USA won, yeah.


- Woo!

JOE BIDEN: Hello, hello, hello. The United States beat Iran 1-0.

- Woo!

JOE BIDEN: US 1, Iran 0. Game's over!


Hey, hey, hey.


- USA!

JOE BIDEN: You got it, USA! USA! That's a big game, man. When I spoke to the coach and the players, I said, you can do this. They went, oh, they're going to-- they did it. God love them. Anyway, just thought you might want to hear.