Biden speaks about his Build Back Better plan in Illinois

Delivering remarks in Crystal Lake, Ill., President Biden talked about his Build Back Better agenda, saying “we need to invest in our people.”

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: But [INAUDIBLE] talk to you about today is the human infrastructure. It's essential to that foundation, as well. To truly win the 21st century and once again lead the world, to truly build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out, to truly deal everybody in this time, we need to invest in our people. Need to invest in our people. That's why, in addition to the bipartisan infrastructure agreement that I believe we're going to get done, I'm here to make a case for the second critical part of my domestic agenda. It's a combination of parts of my American Jobs Plan that were essential and not included in the bipartisan infrastructure plan, as well as my American Families Plan.

In Washington, they call it a reconciliation bill. That's a fancy way of saying, with the filibuster that our friends on the other side use constantly, more than ever been used in history, it means you've got to get 60 votes to get anything done. We're a 50-50 Senate, with a vice president who happens to be a Democrat. And back in the campaign, you know, I said we're going to build back, and we're going to build back better. Not just-- we can't just build back, we've got to build back better. And today, I want to outline some of the key pieces of this Build Back Better agenda, and what's it going to do for the people of Illinois and the people the United States.

It's about a country, once again, that inspires and leads the world, the opportunities we provide, the cures we discovery, the tech-- we discover, the technologies we pioneer, and the industries we create. You know, and the nation that leads the world in combating the existential threat of climate change. The Build Back Better plan agenda starts with education.