Biden speaks in Las Vegas about reducing gun violence days after UNLV mass shooting

During a visit to Las Vegas on Friday to speak about his administration's infrastructure investments, President Biden expressed condolences for the families of the victims of the Wednesday shooting on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus that left three people dead and one other person wounded. Biden reiterated his call for Congress to pass an assault weapons ban and other laws intended to reduce gun violence.

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: And two days later, a gunman opened fire at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Three people killed, a fourth now hospitalized. I'm grateful to law enforcement officers who risked their lives and safety in the shooting spree. You saved lives. You walked in and saved lives.

And we join the people across the country praying for the families of those killed whose hearts have been broken by yet another horrific gun violence. Look, I owned a couple of shotguns. I haven't shot them in a while because I used to usually just make target practice, skeet shooting. But you know, the idea the way we deal with guns, as students and educators experience this trauma of the shooting that took place Las Vegas is already-- they've already had real difficulty with so much gun violence. The 2017 shooting still in the minds of so many people. I was out here meeting with the families.

Folks, we got to get smart. There have been over 600 mass shootings in America this year alone. Plus, daily acts of gun violence that don't even make the national news. This is not normal and we can never let it become normal. People have the right to feel safe, be safe, and I'm fighting to make sure they do. But all these actions I've taken as president of United States [INAUDIBLE] violence epidemic is not enough. We need Congress to step up.

We need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Pass national red flag laws, as you've done here, require safe storage, enact universal background checks, and other common sense measures to save lives. Because the Second Amendment didn't say you can own any gun, you can own any weapon. You couldn't own a cannon when the Second Amendment was passed. You couldn't-- anyway, don't get me started. But look, I'm not going to rest until we do all we can to prevent more families and more communities from being torn apart by gun violence.