Biden stumps for union support near Pittsburgh

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden revved up a group of union members to help him turn out the vote in a suburban Pittsburgh county on Monday. (Nov. 2)

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: You know, we're in the homestretch now. We're in the homestretch. And as my coach used to say in high school and college, it's go time. It's go time.

Tomorrow's the day. Tomorrow we're going to send Conor back to Congress. We're going to hear what labor has to say. We're going to win Pennsylvania.


And we're going to show the world what America stands for.

He can't see what family like yours and mine have gone through. So refuses to do the work to get this virus under control. He refused to do the work to get our schools and our small businesses the resources they needed to stay open. Firefighters, teachers, cops, a whole lot of hardworking folks.

He refused to bring Congress together. They passed the money. But he refused to bring them together to provide for the families-- the working families.

And by the way, no matter how many times Trump tries to lie about it, I will not ban fracking. Never said I would.


The way he talked about our veterans as being losers. Losers! What's this guy all about? What's-- who is he? He doesn't understand what's going on.

Folks, my son was the attorney general of Delaware. He gave up the seat to go fight in Iraq for a year. He won the Bronze Star, the Conspicuous Service Medal. He came home, and he died of cancer. But he came home, and guess what? He was no loser. Trump's a loser.

Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. But we're about honor, integrity, dignity. This is United States of America. We got to let them show who we are.