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Biden touts coronavirus relief plan and vaccine effort

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President Biden visited Pennsylvania to promote his COVID-19 relief bill that sends $1,400 checks to eligible Americans. The bill also helps fund vaccination centers in underserved communities. Ed O'Keefe has more.

Video Transcript

- And late today, the White House said President Biden will hold his first formal press conference a week from Thursday. Job one for today was to sell his COVID relief plan and to convince more Americans to get their shots. We get more from CBS's Ed O'Keefe.

ED O'KEEFE: President Biden visited hard-hit Chester, Pennsylvania today, touting his COVID relief bill as a lifeline.

JOE BIDEN: 100 million people are going to be getting, not a hoke, a check for $1,400 that will change their lives.

ED O'KEEFE: In addition to those $1,400 stimulus payments, the American Rescue Plan provides billions to fund vaccination centers in underserved communities.

JOE BIDEN: We're gonna get 100 million shots in people's arms within the first 60 days of my administration.

ED O'KEEFE: But at a vaccination site just four blocks from where the president spoke, officials say demand is outpacing supply.

- We can't give you a vaccine if we don't have a vaccine to give.

ED O'KEEFE: There's also reluctance among some in the African-American community to take the vaccine, a growing concern for the administration. Pastor Aaron Donnally told us he has an easy answer for vaccine skeptics in his congregation.

- I tell people do you want to cough? Or do you want a coffin? Side effects don't mean nothing if you're dead.

ED O'KEEFE: Polls show some conservative Republicans are also unwilling to get vaccinated. Former Donald Trump aide Joe Grogan said the former president should get involved.

- I think he should come out and say something more effusive about the urge-- urging Americans to get vaccinated.

ED O'KEEFE: Even as the president's talking about the new stimulus plan, Democrats are already planning for the next one, a multitrillion infrastructure spending plan. And they're not ruling out paying for it by hiking taxes on the wealthy and corporations. Not surprisingly, Republicans say they'd be opposed to any big tax increase to pay for the plan. Nora?

- Ed O'Keefe, OK thank you.