Biden, Trudeau pledge enduring support for Ukraine

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Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau in Ottawa on March 24, 2023
Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau in Ottawa on March 24, 2023

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Speaking before the Canadian parliament in Ottawa, together with Biden, Trudeau said that Ukraine can count on the United States and Canada as partners.

“As you well know, Mr. President, Canada will continue to stand strong with Ukraine, with whatever it takes,” said the Canadian PM.

“Together, both of us are partners that Ukraine — and the world —can count on."

Trudeau recalled that Canada has been supplying Ukraine with artillery, ammunition, armored vehicles, and tanks, imposing sanctions against Russia and has been training Ukrainian troops since 2015.

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At the same time, Biden stressed that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin hasn't achieved his goals in Ukraine, adding that "The Ukrainian people's love of their country is going to prevail."

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"Let's once more affirm that we're going keep that torch of liberty burning brightly and support the Ukrainian people," said the U.S. president.

Biden also said that Russia failed to destroy NATO’s unity, and promised that the United States and Canada "will defend every inch of NATO territory."

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According to CBC, in his speech Biden said that the relationship between the United States and Canada is stronger than ever, and that together they can deal with climate change, economic problems, and resist authoritarian regimes.

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