Biden, Trudeau pledge to 'stand strong with Ukraine, with whatever it takes'

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Ukraine can count on the United States and Canada to stand with it in its fight against Russia, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in an address to parliament in Ottawa alongside U.S. President Joe Biden on March 24.

“As you well know, Mr. President, Canada will continue to stand strong with Ukraine, with whatever it takes,” Trudeau said. “Together, both of us are partners that Ukraine — and the world —can count on."

Trudeau highlighted that Canada had provided “significant military support” to Ukraine, such as artillery, ammunition, armor, and tanks. He also mentioned that the Canadian Armed Forces have been training Ukrainian soldiers since 2015.

Speaking more generally about global threats to democracy, Trudeau said that the two countries had to work together to combat authoritarianism around the world.

“We have to continue to face down authoritarian threats, both at home and abroad. We have to continue to defend what is right. This is not the time to compromise on our values.”

For his part, Biden reaffirmed U.S. support for Ukraine and said that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin had been unable to reach his goals in Ukraine.

"Putin was certain he would have been able to break NATO by now. He was certain of that. But guess what? His lust for land and power has failed thus far. The Ukrainian people's love of their country is going to prevail," he said.