Biden in TX: 'Nothing partisan' about virus, storm

President Joe Biden wrapped up his visit to storm-battered Texas, Friday with calls for unity and bipartisanship as the nation looks to help Texas recover not just from the storm but also from the health and economic crisis caused by COVID. (Feb. 26)

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: We're not here today as Democrats or Republicans. We're here today as Americans, the American leaders with responsibility, all of us here in this parking lot, responsibility to all the people we serve. When a crisis hits our states, like the one to hit Texas, it's not a Republican or Democrat who's hurting, it's our fellow Americans that are hurting. And it's our job to help everyone in need, look out for one another leave, nobody behind. That's what we've seen today in our visit.

There's nothing partisan about this virus. It's too long we've allowed the virus to divide us. I met today with Governor Abbott, Senator Cornyn, conservative Republicans. I'm a Democratic president. We disagree on plenty of things and there's nothing wrong with that. But there are plenty of things we can work on together. And one of them is represented right here today-- the effort to speed up vaccinations. We're not giving shots to Democrats or Republicans. I say it again, we're giving shots to Americans.

This can be a great American achievement, being the only country in the world to reach 100 million shots in 100 days. This could unite us as a country, to vaccinate America, to protect America, to heal America. And I know we can do this. Why? Because I know America can do great things when we do it together. Americans never give up, they never give in, they never cry uncle, they just struggle to innovate and they preserve and persevere. We're going to get through all of this. I promise you. We're going to do it together, together.