Biden unveils $1.9T plan to stem virus and downturn

President-elect Joe Biden unveiled a $1.9 trillion coronavirus plan Thursday to turn the tide on the pandemic, speeding up the vaccine rollout and providing financial help to individuals. (Jan. 14)

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: Good evening, my fellow Americans. The emptiness felt by the loss of life is compounded by the loss of our way of life. During this pandemic, millions of Americans, through no fault of their own, have lost the dignity and respect that comes with a job and a paycheck. Just as we're in the midst of a dark winter of this pandemic, as cases, hospitalizations, and deaths spike at record levels, there is real pain overwhelming the real economy.

I'd like to talk to you about our way forward, a two-step plan of rescue and recovery, a two-step plan to build a bridge to the other side of the crisis we face to a better, stronger, and more secure America. Tonight, I'll lay out my first step, the American Rescue Plan. It will tackle the pandemic and get direct financial assistance and relief to Americans who need it the most.

Our rescue and recovery plan is a path forward, with both seriousness of purpose and a clear plan with transparency and accountability, with a call for unity that is equally necessary.