Biden urges teens to get vaccinated for COVID-19

After a CDC advisory committee recommended Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine for 12-to 15-year-olds, President Biden on Wednesday encouraged that age group to get vaccinated.

Video Transcript

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: So today I want to talk about an exciting new development. When I spoke last week I said we were hoping to soon add a new element to our vaccination program. Vaccinations for adolescents ages 12 and older. And then on Monday after rigorous thorough review, the Food and Drug Administration the FDA, authorized Pfizer vaccine for use in that age category 12 and up. Today an independent advisory committee to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the CDC, voted to recommended-- recommended use. A pending the CDC final-- final approval later today, we're gonna have for the first time a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents over the 12 years of age.

This is one more giant step in our fight against the pandemic. I sincerely think the scientists, researchers, and clinical trial participants deserve our thanks. They've all made this possible. Because of them nearly 17 million more Americans are eligible to get vaccinated and now, now I encourage each of them and their parents to get their vaccination shots right away. And here's why. We know that kids at-- at this age 12 and above are at risk from COVID-19. About 3 million COVID-19 cases have been reported in kids under 17 years of age, and teenagers could spread it to their friends, to their siblings, to their parents and to the grandparents. Now that vaccine is authorized for ages 12 and up, and I encouraged their parents to make sure they get the shot.

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