Biden called Trump an 'asshole' after discovering his 'golf toys,' including a giant video screen, in the White House, book says

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  • Biden was apparently not impressed by Trump's imprint on the White House, a new book says.

  • He called Trump a "fucking asshole" over "golf toys" the former president left, it says.

  • Biden finds the White House a cold place to live but appreciates the staff, the book adds.

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President Joe Biden was apparently not fond of the personal impressions his predecessor left on the White House, according to "Peril," a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

He referred to former President Donald Trump as a "fucking asshole" over the "golf toys" he left at the White House.

"Trump's existence permeated the White House, even the residence. One night, Biden wandered into a room where a huge video screen covered the wall. To relax, Trump used to upload programs to virtually play the world's most famous golf courses," Woodward and Costa write. "'What a fucking asshole,' Biden once said as he surveyed the former president's golf toys."

Biden finds the White House a cold place to reside, the book says and privately began calling it "the tomb," the book says. The president did emphasize to aides and friends that the staff at the White House were great, it adds.

"'I'm just not used to taking off my coat and someone grabbing it and hanging it up,' Biden said. 'But they're very nice people,'" the book says.

The book portrays the president as anxious to move past the Trump era.

Biden and his advisors "hated to utter Trump's name," the book says, with aides often warning each other to "avoid the 'T' word."

"Presidents live in the unfinished business of their predecessors," Woodward and Costa write. "No one could be more aware of that than Joseph R. Biden Jr."

The president's aides also noticed that Biden could be "prickly" at times, walking into the Oval Office "unhappy some mornings about another round of Trump talk on MSNBC's pundit roundtable, Morning Joe," the book says.

Biden and Trump have among the most awkward dynamics between any current and former presidents in US history. Trump has still not acknowledged that he was fairly defeated by Biden in the 2020 election and has repeatedly peddled baseless claims about the outcome.

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