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Biden Visiting Pittsburgh To Announce Multi-Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Plan

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President Biden will be in Pittsburgh to announce a multi-trillion-dollar plan to rebuild America's infrastructure. KDKA's Jon Delano has more.

Video Transcript

- President Biden is expected in Pittsburgh tomorrow afternoon. And as political editor Jon Delano reports, the president is expected to unveil the details of his infrastructure plan.

JON DELANO: During his campaign, he called it the Build Back Better Plan. And on Wednesday, he will outline some of the details in Pittsburgh, a region where he first announced his candidacy for president.

KATE BERNER: We can't think of any better place to go than back to Pittsburgh where it all began and talk about our plan to rebuild the backbone of the country, the middle class.

JON DELANO: Deputy Communications Director Kate Berner tells me investing $3 trillion in rebuilding America's crumbling roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, electrical grid, locks and dams, pipelines, airports, along with research and development, all that means American jobs.

KATE BERNER: Again, jobs you can raise a middle-class family on. These are going to be infrastructure jobs, manufacturing jobs, research and development jobs. And we're excited to be at a carpenters' hall.

JON DELANO: United Steelworkers Union President Tom Conway, who will be with the president, says a lot is at stake.

TOM CONWAY: I think this investment is crucial. We absolutely have to do it. And I think what doesn't get discussed enough is the problems that we'll suffer if we don't do it.

JON DELANO: Conway says this region unites strong manufacturing industries like steel with artificial intelligence software and a high-tech R&D.

TOM CONWAY: All of those things are going to play an important role in the next step of where we take the infrastructure.

JON DELANO: It adds up to big bucks. And the president will announce how to pay for this, including a tax hike for those who earn over $400,000 a year and closing tax loopholes for business.

KATE BERNER: I think there's 90 plus companies in the Fortune 500 that paid $0 in taxes last year. The president believes that's wrong.

JON DELANO: Of course, his biggest challenge will be to get Republicans, needed to pass this in the Senate, on board with this plan. John Delano, KDKA News.