Biden's Covid condition continues to improve, White House physician says

Andrew Harnik/AP Photo
·1 min read

President Joe Biden is continuing to suffer symptoms of Covid infection but his condition is improving, the White House physician said in a letter Saturday.

The president's symptoms, which include sore throat, loose cough and body aches, are “less troublesome,” Kevin O'Connor wrote.

Biden’s pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature are normal, the letter said. The president's oxygen saturation is “excellent” and his lungs remain clear, O’Connor noted, and he is not experiencing any shortness of breath.

Biden has completed his second full day of Paxlovid treatment for a likely BA5 variant infection, the letter said.

The president is “responding to therapy as expected,” which includes outpatient treatment, according to the letter. Biden will continue to isolate in accordance with CDC guidelines.