Biden's 'heart aches' after FBI agents killed

Biden weighed-in on two FBI agents who were killed early on Tuesday and three others were wounded while trying to serve a search warrant at a Florida home, an encounter that turned into one of the federal law enforcement agency's bloodiest in decades.

"Well, let me begin by saying on all three of us, the Vice President, the new Secretary of Homeland Security, that our hearts go out to the families of those FBI special agents, and two of whom were killed, three of whom were were injured today in Florida. I was briefed on this tragedy earlier today. And I know the FBI is gathering information about how this happened, what happened. But I I can only imagine how these families are feeling today. You know, one of the things when you are in a combat zone as a military or your FBI agent or military or police officer, every family, just when I put that shield on and go out in the morning, dreads the possibility of a call receiving that phone call. And my heart aches for the families."

As a team of law enforcement officers tried to execute the court-ordered warrant involving violent crimes against children at the home in Sunrise, Florida, shots were fired at 6 a.m. EST, the FBI said in a statement.

The search warrant sought evidence in connection with suspected possession of child pornography, the FBI Agents Association added in a statement.