Biden's Postal Service board nominees testify before the Senate

The three nominees for the USPS governing body testified before the Senate on April 22. If confirmed, they would give Democrats a 5-4 majority.

Video Transcript

GARY PETERS: Each of you will stand and raise your right hand, please.


ANTON HAJJAR: I am pleased that the postmaster general recently released a 10-year plan that protects six-day delivery and seeks to find new ways to utilize technology, expand services, and invest in the career workforce. I am concerned about other parts of the plan such as reducing delivery standards and raising prices that could adversely affect small business and-- and rural communities.

AMBER MCREYNOLDS: Many of the problems facing the Postal Service are clear. Chronic underinvestment in technology, facilities, infrastructure, and the workforce have exasperated this crisis. It is not a question of whether change is necessary but rather whether we can collectively work together to effectuate change with solutions that focus on the future.

RONALD STROMAN: If confirmed, my goal is to work in a bipartisan manner to return the Postal Service to operational excellence, future growth, and long-term financial stability.


One of the provisions of the postmaster general's plan is a reduction on reliance on noncareer employees. Noncareer employees save you some money, but they do hurt you on the service side because they're-- the turnover there is very high. So I think less reliance on noncareer, more reliance on career employees.

ANTON HAJJAR: The service deteriorations really are simply unacceptable. And they have-- we need improvement. And I think it's right there in the postmaster general's 10-year plan that he wants to bring back the confidence of the American people in the-- in the Postal Service


ROB PORTMAN: I just want to put into the record that I asked all three of the witnesses whether they had received any outside pressure with regard to firing of the current postmaster general because outside groups that have been asking the administration to only put people forward who have made that commitment. They all told me they had not made any commitments. They had not been pressured. Is that accurate? Nod and give a yes.

- Yes.

ROB PORTMAN: OK. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.