'Like a big family': Migrants in France as winter sets in

Several hundreds of migrants, many hailing from Iraqi Kurdistan, live in the camp that was set up after the Grande-Synthe camp was dismantled earlier this month.

"We are like a big family. If I have a friend, he's like one (member) of our family," Iraqi migrant Kaiwan Kohshnow told Reuters. "Their families ask for help. If you can't help them, you can't leave."

Migrants and their families have been searching for days after 27 people died trying to cross the Channel on Wednesday (November 24).

Seventeen men, seven women and three teenagers died on Wednesday (November 24) when their dinghy deflated in the Channel, one of many such risky journeys attempted in small, overloaded boats by people fleeing poverty and war in Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond.

"If we are not afraid, we will go by boat, but we are afraid, we are in danger," Khorshow said.

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