Is the real Satoshi Nakamoto about to stand up?

Scott Thompson

Brace yourselves, good people…The “real” Satoshi Nakamoto could be about to reveal himself as the true inventor of Bitcoin.

A company called Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings is claiming that this will happen in three instalments, starting today. It will include his real name, why he hasn’t moved any of his 980,000 Bitcoin, country of origin, and his plans for “a Bitcoin renaissance”.

A press release states that Nakamoto will also “illustrate the role that cyphers and encryption related to his devotion to Chaldean numerology played in many decisions in his creation of Bitcoin”.

“Nakamoto also will disclose why he chose the date 18th August not only to register in 2008, but also to release Part I of “My Reveal” on the 11th anniversary of his registration of through,” it adds.

PR stunt?

Earlier this week, PR and marketing agency Ivy McLemore & Associates (IM&A) announced that it had been retained by Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings to “support the revolutionary new company’s commitment to provide superior blockchain technologies to help transform people’s lives”.

“We are talking about some of the most closely followed and talked-about advancements in blockchain technology since Satoshi Nakamoto published his seminal whitepaper, ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’, in 2008,” claimed IM&A President Ivy McLemore.

“The focus of our digital marketing and public relations efforts for our newest client will be the creation and distribution of insightful, thought provoking content that attracts and engages investors, provides overall value, and builds public trust.”

So, are we talking about a real thing here or a public relations stunt from yet another blockchain venture claiming it will change the world? Stay tuned for more details over the coming days.

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