"The big thing in our desert climate is that hydration." Pima County Sheriff's deputy, Stevan Chuk, explains how much water should you take with you on any hike. "At least a liter an hour." He said a half empty water container should be a sign for any hiker. "Turn around and go back while you still have some left." Deputy Chuk said search and rescue crews are ready for another summer season. "Volunteers that hike, we have volunteers that are on horseback, we have volunteers that have dogs for tracking." Chuk has been on the Sheriff's search and rescue unit for over a decade. He said each of the seven deputies and one sergeant are all medically trained. "Start iVs if necessary, we all carry a light medical bag with us." Each of them equipped and ready for any type of rescue ahead of the hot summer months. "We all have rope and climbing equipment if we have to set up a rope system for a rescue." Deputy chuk says to be hydrated even before you step out for a hike.

Pandemic draws more people to hiking trails increasing odds of rescues

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