How 'Big Truss' helped define the 2019 Ravens season

Andrew Gillis

For nearly two months, all anyone in Baltimore - and around the NFL - could talk about were the Ravens. Those conversations likely spanned from Lamar Jackson to the team's 14-2 regular season. 

It wouldn't be a surprise if someone said, "Big Truss," during that conversation, either. 

In what started as a simple phrase between Jackson and Marquise Brown which originated from South Florida, the saying "Big Truss" grew to something much bigger than something between two people. It was something woven into the fabric of the 2019 Ravens, even if they didn't know it.

"If they aren't laughing at you, your dreams aren't big enough," coach John Harbaugh said after the team's final regular season game. "So, we have big dreams, big goals, big ambitions, big faith, Big Truss - that was not planned, either."

As the phrase "Big Truss" graced signs and t-shirts and tattoos, it became a rallying cry for the NFL's best team in the regular season. 

"Big Truss" was printed on doughnuts and used as names for fans on Twitter while everyone from Jackson to Mark Ingram to Harbaugh to Justin Tucker took their turns in the spotlight due to their play on the field. When they got the opportunity, they made sure to say "Big Truss."

But what went under the radar about "Big Truss" was that the Ravens weren't a fun team to follow simply because they had fun postgame. Rather, they were one of the most fun teams in the NFL on and off the field as well. 

Their quarterback had one of the most electrifying seasons an MVP player has ever had, they broke the single-season rushing record and they dominated talented teams each week during the regular season. The defense was opportunistic and boasts a likely future Hall-of-Famer in Earl Thomas and was pieced together by a handful of players that, as of September, were looking for work. 

The Ravens made football fun in 2019, as their personalities on the field shined just as bright, if not brighter, as they did off the field. 

"Big Truss" spread across the NFL and, as could be expected, was the source of mockery once the Ravens lost to the Titans. In the offseason, it even reached the presidency.

Make no mistake, the phrase wasn't the reason why the Ravens were fun to watch in 2019. That was due to every Jackson spin move, Ingram touchdown and double-digit victory the team had. 

"Big Truss" just was the rallying cry behind it all. 

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How 'Big Truss' helped define the 2019 Ravens season originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington