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Bigger than the moonwalk: New system pulls water from thin air

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The military might not be considered the hub of innovation, but put the head of the Air Force’s “Air University” together with an inventive pilot and you might just pull water out of thin air.

And now that retired Lt. Gen. Steven Kwast and his former aide-de-camp David Stuckenberg have done just that, they are quickly becoming the talk around Washington, the nation, and the world for producing the first green energy water maker.

Using new technology that mimics how Mother Earth makes water, their Genesis Systems WaterCube is set to debut next month and promises to deliver water just about anywhere, even the desert.

One champion of the system, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, told Secrets, “If the Genesis System can be produced at scale for a sustainable price, it will revolutionize access to water.” He added, “With all the water shortages emerging in California, this could be a historic breakthrough.”

With his wife Shannon as Genesis’s president, Stuckenberg and his team raised $9.5 million for development.

Orders are already rolling in, from California’s BarrelHouse Brewing to the Alabama Air National Guard and the Port Authority of San Antonio. Eventually, they plan for single-family houses to have a version.

It’s a big deal. Stuckenberg said NASA rocket scientist Phil Sumrall told him, “I think what you are working on is far more important than the work I did at NASA to put man on the moon. I’m qualified to say this because I helped do it.” And the Air Force’s chief innovation officer has endorsed it.

Stuckenberg said he first thought up the idea while flying over water-starved Afghanistan in 2016. Over the next few years, he took several key posts where he saw the importance, and costs, of moving water.

Then, in 2019, he participated in a military exercise in which water was the weapon of war. “Let me tell you, if used this way, water, or the lack of it, can impact as many people as a [weapon of mass destruction],” he said. But he added that “exactly zero” investment on generating it has been done. “Water has always just been taken for granted,” Stuckenberg said.

He recalled telling Kwast about his idea during a flight together. “I remember he got quiet. At first, I thought he was upset. But I now know he was mapping a future with no water scarcity and what that might look like,” Stuckenberg said.

For Kwast, the potential for making water was personal. He grew up in Cameroon and said many of the children he knew are now dead from a lack of clean water. Now, he sees a solution to that and the greater crisis of some 6,000 children per day dying due to bad or no water.

He said that, for several years, Genesis kept the development secret, in part, because it’s easier to show how it works than explain the process of using nanofluid to attract water from the air like a “sponge” and then a “tickle” of energy to ring it dry and start all over again.

“It’s like the Wright brothers trying to tell people that you can have something heavier than air fly, and they think you’re crazy — until they built it,” said Kwast, who is also concerned about whipping up foes.

Now he and the Stuckenbergs are serving glasses of their water from their truck-sized WaterCube at their Tampa headquarters and even adding healthy electrolytes as they prepare for the Sept. 14 public rollout.

“Come on down for a taste,” Kwast urged.

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