Bike theft victim leaves thief hilarious note

Dylan Stableford, Yahoo News

A recent college graduate whose bike was stolen at a train station last week left a hilariously cheerful note informing the robber it may not be long before the perpetrator is caught.

"Hi there!" Aaron Rush, a 23-year-old from London, wrote in the letter, addressed to the "D-----bag Bike Thief." "You stole my bike last night."

Rush informed the alleged criminal that his bike — which had been locked up a train station in Kings Langley — was equipped with a GPS tracking device, and that the thief's face could be seen on station surveillance footage.

"Admittedly I was kind of ticked off about this, but less so when I realised that you left your face on camera at the station," Rush wrote. "And also you may not have realised but this is not the first bike i've had stolen, so I put a tracer inside the bike frame. So unfortunately for you, I know where you live."

The note Rush left for the alleged bike thief. (Instagram/Aaron Rush)

"Please dear bike thief, don't take this as a threat, I'm sure you had your reasons, I just want my bike back," Rush continued. "All I am asking is if you return the bike before the end of this week, that will be the end of it. If not: You'll be getting a visit by our majesty's finest."

He added: "In case you've taken more than one bike, mine was the grey Giant."

The letter was signed, "Sincerely, the poor student with no money but a working printer."

The bike has yet to be returned, and Rush admits he was kind of bluffing, as the tracer — which did not provide a full address — has since been turned off.

"I didn't have any other way of contacting the thief so I left a note on the bike rack," Rush told Yahoo News. "I did this to get some immediate response and hope the thief would have a change of heart."

He says he reported the bike stolen, but was told by police that it can take up to four weeks to complete the investigation.

"I must have spent over 300 quid fixing it up over the years," Rush said, laughing. "I'm not like every other commuter there because I'm only just now a graduate, so I have no money to replace it."

Of course, Rush isn't the first bike theft victim to leave a clever message for their alleged thief.

Last year, a Toronto man whose bike was stolen stole it back — and taught the thief a lesson in the process.

The bike was reportedly stolen from outside the victim's apartment. After a friend spotted it locked up on a city street, the pair returned, cut away the lock and left a cardboard cutout in its place.

A note on the cutout read:

Dear Bike Thief, You rascal! You took my bike earlier this week but forgot to tell me where you'd leave it! It took a stroke of great luck that my friend, who's also my bike mechanic, happened to spot it right here! Isn't that crazy? Anyway, I kinda need my bike so I'm taking it back. Please accept this substitute until you can afford your own. Cheers!

A note and cutout left for an alleged bike thief in Toronto in 2013. (Reddit)