Biker Bash supports young patient

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Aug. 16—Motorcyclists will get together this month to support the family of a young lung disease patient.

Kelly Tolley and Joana Parliman, organizers of the Fatboy Biker Bash, are celebrating their 10th annual Fat Boy Biker Bash Fundraiser at 11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 27. The event will be based at the Crumhorn Rod & Gun Club in Maryland.

This year, the Biker Bash will raise money for Caitlyn Hilton, a young girl afflicted with interstitial lung disease, Tolley said.

"The disease makes it hard for Caitlyn to breathe. She doesn't get enough air in her lungs and she requires special treatment," Tolley said.

Due to the lack of specialized doctors in the area, Caitlyn's family travels to Boston or Syracuse to receive special care.

"Her family consists of her mom and dad and five other siblings with Caitlyn being the youngest. Her condition is very financially hard for the family," Tolley said.

The trips to Boston require a hotel and sometimes the family struggles to afford a hotel room.

"The mother usually has to drive six hours to Boston and then has to drive back that same night because of the lack of funds for a hotel," Tolley said.

The Fatboy Biker Run is an event organized in memory of Tolley's brother, David Wright. Wright was given the nickname "Fatboy" and was 41 years old when he died, Tolley said.

"He would do anything for people and his community. After we lost him we knew we wanted to keep his spirit alive and to give back to people who need it in the community," Tolley said.

Throughout the ten years of the Biker Bash, Tolley and Parliman have helped sponsor many families and individuals in need, they said. "We sponsored a woman named Joy who battled cancer for many years and another man with an unexplained heart disease. Luckily he's cured now," Tolley said.

"We have gained lots of support from the community and it truly has renewed my faith in humanity after David's passing. We're really just a group of people who donate and like to do things for our community" Tolley said.

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