Bill Belichick has learned not to challenge pass interference

Michael David Smith

The NFL uses such a high standard for overturning pass interference on instant replay that some coaches have learned it’s just not worth wasting a challenge. Bill Belichick is one such coach.

Belichick hasn’t challenged a pass interference call (or non-call) so far this season, and he said on WEEI that he just doesn’t think he’d win if he did.

“I think it’s been pretty clear and the league has come out and said, it has to be clear and obvious,” Belichick said, via Mike Reiss of ESPN. “What the definition of that is, I’m not sure. But I don’t think there can be much gray area, or it’s not clear and obvious. I haven’t studied all of them, but a lot of the ones that I’ve observed or have been in our games, I can see why they were called the way they were.”

That’s a lesson other coaches need to learn.