Bill Nye's solution for climate change

By Alex Bregman

As nearly 150 world leaders, including President Obama, gathered in Paris for a historic conference to combat climate change, Bill Nye “the Science Guy” is out with a new book, “Unstoppable,” outlining his own suggestions for that fight. One of the solutions includes bubbles, as he demonstrated for Yahoo News and Finance Anchor Bianna Golodryga, on “Yahoo News Live”!

In a demonstration, Nye blew bubbles into water and explained that bubbles could help fight climate change because they reflect light. He explained to Golodryga: “If we were able to induce bubbles on purpose – in let’s say the cooling ponds at power plants or in reservoirs – there would be less evaporation and then you would have more water to do what you want to do. However, does the cost of producing these bubbles outweigh the benefit of having them reflect into space? It just might not work … it might work!”

The Science Guy also proposed a carbon fee: “We cannot say tax! We must say fee!”

Why should Americans worry about a 1.7-degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature? Nye told Golodryga: “Most of the world’s 7.3 billion people live on coasts, so as you make the ocean just a little bit warmer, it gets bigger.” He continued, “As the ocean gets bigger, there will be coastal flooding, and people will leave and they will be displaced.”

What cities will be impacted in the U.S.? Nye told Golodryga: “New Orleans, Boston, New York, there is a whole thing in Washington, D.C., called the tidal basin … all of the cities will be affected, and that is in the developed world.”

Nye also linked climate change to fighting terrorism. “In the case of terrorism, water shortages in Syria cause people – particularly young people – to abandon family farms that have been there for centuries and go to the big cities looking for water. They couldn’t get work, got disenchanted, angry with the system, got recruited by terrorist organizations and are now showing up around the world shooting people.”

Nye addressed those candidates running for president who do not believe in climate change, called “climate deniers.” He said, “I want to see what happens after the second big primary. … In order for anybody to get elected, I am pretty sure they have to engage millennials … to engage those people, you are going to have a reasonable stance on climate change. And so in order to get elected, you’re going to have to talk rationally about climate change.”

What can every American do to personally help fight climate change? Nye gave some tips: Insulate your attic if you live in a house, replace your windows, use systems to eliminate wasting hot water, and don’t waste stuff.

In a lightning round, Nye also gave his take on everyone from Donald Trump (his reaction: “Wow.”) to Hillary Clinton (“Right on.”) to the Kardashians (“I don’t know anything about them. My understanding is they are or were smokin’ hot.”).

Nye’s final point: “Let’s go people! We can change the world!”