Bill passes to fight Asian American hate crimes

The Senate passed a bill that would help combat the rise of hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, a bipartisan denunciation of such violence during the coronavirus pandemic. (April 22)

Video Transcript

MAZIE HIRONO: I cannot tell you how important this bill is to the AAPI community, who often has felt very invisible in our country, always seen as foreign, always seen as the other. And for them to experience the kind of hatred against them through no provocation on their part, to be the victims of unprovoked, just random assaults on them as they are minding their own business in the subways, grocery stores, takeout restaurants, on the street.

TAMMY DUCKWORTH: And this bill tells the AAPI community, who are seen as the other, who are often asked, where are you from really? And I've had that happen to me, while wearing the uniform of this nation with her flag on my shoulder. I've been asked, where are you from really? Yeah, your dad has been here since before the revolution, but where are you from? This tells the AAPI community, we see you, and we will stand with you. And we will protect you.

CHUCK SCHUMER: This legislation sends a dual message to our Asian-American community. We will not tolerate violence and bigotry against you. And to those who perpetrate the violence and bigotry, we're going to pursue you to the full extent of the law. It's a dual message.