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A Billionaire Boxer, Who Now Calls Miami Home, Is Settling A Score With A Reggaeton Star

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CBS4's Jim Berry caught up with Joe Fournier to talk about the score he wants to settle with Andres "Reykon" Londono.

Video Transcript

- All right, all new at 5:30, a billionaire boxer who now calls Miami home is settling a score with a reggaeton star. Joe Fournier's record is nothing to laugh at. He's 8 and 0.

- So why will he climb into the ring against a novice fighter? Sports anchor Jim Berry caught up with him this week to find out.

JIM BERRY: He is a man with a plan, guys. Joe Fournier is a self-made man and a self-motivated fighter, and now he's got a grudge to settle and a plan to catapult himself up the boxing ladder using the sport's latest gimmick.

Joe Fournier is a British guy living the American dream. He made a fortune in the fitness industry and nightclub business before becoming the so-called billionaire boxer.

Why do this to yourself at age 38?

JOE FOURNIER: Like I said, you know, what else do you do in life? Some people get to this point in age and climb Mount Everest. Some people get married. No one's interested in me like that, and I'm scared of heights, so boxing it is.

JIM BERRY: Fournier took up the sport five years ago and got serious enough to have eight pro fights. But now in the famous 5th Street Gym, he's training for something that hardly seems serious.



JIM BERRY: This weekend in Atlanta, Fournier steps into the ring against the Colombian reggaeton singer Reykon. It seems they got into a beef in a nightclub over a lady and decided to settle it in the ring. Never mind that Reykon has zero boxing experience.

JOE FOURNIER: Ultimately he's either really brave or really stupid. I haven't quite figured it out.

JIM BERRY: This gimmicky bout is part of the latest promotion by Triller, a company that mixes hip-hop entertainment with boxing. To a savvy self-promoter like Fournier, these unlikely match-ups are enough to stoke curiosity.

JOE FOURNIER: Would you like to see LeBron James fight 50 Cent? I would, right, two great superstars in their own field. So why not? Why do we not let them fight each other? Me fighting Reykon is entertaining because someone wants to know, can this reggaeton superstar beat out this professional fighter, yes or no?

JIM BERRY: So far, this concept has led to comical and maybe dangerous results.

SNOOP DOGG: (SINGING) Let me stand.

- Wow.

JIM BERRY: Former NBA player Nate Robinson got knocked cold by internet personality Jake Paul with rapper Snoop Dogg doing singalong play by play.


JIM BERRY: Fournier's fight may not turn into another Thrilla in Manila, but his trainer says so what?

DINO SPENCER: Boxing's been a circus since day one. So in the end, it will all come out in the wash. In the end, you're going to find out who is tough and who is not tough.

JIM BERRY: This tour of gimmick fights makes a stop in Miami soon, and Fournier is already plotting to be on the fight card, angling to get in the ring with a real boxing legend, Oscar De La Hoya.

JOE FOURNIER: Maybe I'll fight De La Hoya. I mean, imagine telling my kids that I fought Oscar De La Hoya, one of the best fighters in the history of my lifetime, probably anyone's lifetime. Win or lose, I win.

JIM BERRY: One way to look at it. De La Hoya, now 48, is planning to be the latest ex-fighter to climb back in the ring. Now, Roy Jones, Mike Tyson did it. Evander Holyfield wants to. Some fight fans are not crazy about nostalgia bouts and gimmick match-ups. But to Joe Fournier, they could be a ticket to real boxing fame. I'm Jeff Berry, CBS4 Sports.