Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey went ballistic, broke tablet after time expired against Miami Dolphins

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  • The Buffalo Bills lost a nail-biter against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

  • On the final play of the game, the Bills reached field goal range, only to run out of time before getting a chance to try a potential game-winning kick.

  • Bills offensive coordinator went ballistic in the booth watching from above, slamming his tablet in the process.

The Buffalo Bills' comeback effort against the Miami Dolphins came down to the last play of the game on Sunday, but the clock ran out before they could complete the task.

Trailing 21-19 with just seconds remaining, quarterback Josh Allen found wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie on a crossing route to reach the very edge of field goal range. McKenzie made a break for the sidelines, but the Dolphins defense was able to keep him in bounds.

The Bills rushed to the line hoping to spike the ball and stop the clock, setting up a potential game-winning kick. But unfortunately for Buffalo, the clock hit zero before they could get a snap off.

Watching from above, Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey slammed his headphones down in frustration, and proceeded to take his frustration out on his tablet as well.

The candid moment of emotion was fascinating for fans to see — a strikingly naked show of how high tensions run in the NFL.

The moment could also wind up costing the Bills, and they'll have Tom Brady to thank should they suffer a fine.

According to Fox Sports' Jay Glazer, teams across the NFL were warned last week about destroying tablets in the wake of Tom Brady's latest outburst.

"One GM said, 'Well, we all got the Tom Brady memo this week,'" Glazer said. "What's the Tom Brady memo? 'We all got warned that any of our players, if they smash anything, or break anything that's been given out by the league, there will be penalties and significant fines.'"

The memo comes after Brady took out his frustrations on a tablet on the Buccaneers sideline last weekend during a game against the New Orleans Saints.

Brady and the Buccaneers bounced back after his tantrum, defeating the Saints 20-10. After the game, Brady jokingly apologized for breaking the tablet.

Had Dorsey's outburst happened any other week, chances are it would have simply passed by without much second thought as another moment of frustration in a day full of them after the Bills' first loss of the season.

But given the NFL had apparently told teams specifically to please be more chill about destroying tablets on television just this past week, it's possible the Bills will face some repercussions in the coming days.

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