Reporter tweets heartwarming story about at-risk teen he mentored

George Huynh (Billy Baker/Twitter)

A Boston Globe reporter who became a mentor to a pair of disadvantaged brothers he had written about tweeted a heartwarming story about their unlikely bond.

"I'm going to tell you a story," Billy Baker, the reporter, wrote on Twitter. "Two years ago, I was standing in Dorchester, in a rough neighborhood, and I saw the #19 bus drive by."

Baker had been working on a series about the bus — what he called "a symbol of hope for many from Boston" — and the people on it.

"At that moment, I was looking for hope," Baker recalled. "I had seen some rough things. A lot of people who saw no end to their struggle."

That's when he met Emmett Folgert, the head of a local youth center, who told Baker he had the "perfect kids," a pair of local high school students, for his piece.

After the story ran, Baker remained close and became "something of a mentor" to the pair, helping pay for school supplies, Christmas gifts and prom tickets.

Later, Baker tweeted a photo of George at dinner.