Billy goat in Texas refuses to be calmed down by owner's serenading

Texan farmer Lester Morrow showed off how not to calm down a belligerent billy goat, by trying to sing him a lullaby, and only getting headbutted for his trouble in this hilarious clip. Filmed on the Ima Survivor Sanctuary near Cleveland, Texas, and shows Morrow's attempt to calm down one of his black goats, Ringo, who is constantly headbutting him in the back and shoulder. Morrow tries to defuse the situation by singing "Danny Boy" while holding him off, but seemingly to no avail as Ringo keeps on bashing his shoulder. Goats are known to headbutt other animals as both a defence tactic but also play and get attention from others, which seems to be case for the mischievous beast here. The Ima Survivor Sanctuary is an ongoing non-profit effort to care for donkeys and other animals, run by Morrow. He posts regular content from the Sanctuary on his Instagram @imasurvivorsanctuary as well as on his Facebook channel for the Ima Survivor Sanctuary.