Bindi Irwin calls on fans to ‘be gentle’ when asking if she’s having more children

Bradley Kanaris

Bindi Irwin has a polite request for anyone who's wondering if and when she plans to have more children.

On Tuesday, the 24-year-old spoke out about her endometriosis diagnosis and revealed that she had 37 endometriosis lesions and a chocolate cyst removed.

Irwin and her husband, Chandler Powell, have one child together, a daughter named Grace who turns 2 in March. In the post about her diagnosis, the conservationist kindly urged people to think twice before asking about her plans to expand her family.

“Please be gentle & pause before asking me (or any woman) when we’ll be having more children," she wrote.

Irwin, whose father was the late “Crocodile Hunter” star Steve Irwin, then emphasized how lucky she feels to be a mother.

"After all that my body has gone through, I feel tremendously grateful that we have our gorgeous daughter. She feels like our family’s miracle," she wrote.

The Australian native explained that she wants to raise awareness of endometriosis by sharing her story.

"I’m aware of millions of women struggling with a similar story. There’s stigma around this awful disease. I’m sharing my story for anyone who reads this & is quietly dealing with pain & no answers. Let this be your validation that your pain is real & you deserve help. Keep searching for answers," she wrote.

In 2021, Irwin and Powell welcomed their daughter, Grace, on the same day as their wedding anniversary: March 25.

“Celebrating the two loves of my life. Happy first wedding anniversary to my sweetheart husband and day of birth to our beautiful daughter,” Irwin wrote in the caption. “She chose the perfect day to be born and we feel tremendously blessed.”

The couple also revealed the inspiration behind their daughter's full name: Grace Warrior Irwin Powell.

“Our graceful warrior is the most beautiful light,” the proud mom wrote. “Grace is named after my great-grandmother, and relatives in Chandler’s family dating back to the 1700s. Her middle names, Warrior Irwin, are a tribute to my dad and his legacy as the most incredible Wildlife Warrior. Her last name is Powell and she already has such a kind soul just like her dad.”

In January 2022, Irwin shared that Grace was already following in her late grandfather's footsteps and getting along with the animals at the Australia Zoo at just 10 months old.

“Oh, my word, the koalas ... literally climb out of their trees to come see her,” Irwin said at the time.

The toddler also became fast friends with one tortoise at the zoo.

“His name is Igloo and, no joke, he comes up to here on me, like up to my waist. He’s massive and the cutest. When he sees Grace, he runs across his paddock, which is huge. If you’re a tortoise, you can’t really run very fast, but he does his best, runs across the paddock to see her and just sits. She tries to pat him, and she just ends up kind of like hitting him on the head,” Irwin said.

Last October, Irwin and Powell pulled off an adorable family costume for Halloween and dressed up as character's from NBC’s “The Office.” Irwin's brother, Robert Irwin, also joined in on the fun dressed as Dwight while Grace sported a “World’s Best Boss” T-shirt that would make Michael Scott jealous.

And in the summer, Irwin shared an adorable video of Grace pointing to a photo of her grandparents, Terri and Steve Irwin, while walking around the Australia Zoo. In the clip, Grace appears to try to hug the wall. She also pointed out her "Grandpa Crocodile" and "Bunny" in the photo.

“Tears in my eyes as I share this video,” Irwin captioned the post. “We call my mum and dad, Bunny and Grandpa Crocodile with Grace. She loves them (and koalas) dearly. On every zoo walk she searches for pictures of her grandparents and it is beyond beautiful.”

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