Bingo, large seating events postponed at Taunton Council on Aging due to renovations

TAUNTON - The Taunton Council on Aging has temporarily relocated its services until the end of the year while the current space undergoes renovation.

According to the Council on Aging newsletter, the senior center at 30 Olney St. closed on Sept. 5 and will remain closed through Dec. 31. Fitness and yoga classes that are typically held at Olney Street have been relocated to the Taunton City Building Department headquarters at 141 Oak St. All off-site events will go on as planned.

Council on Aging Director Charlene Bonenfant said the renovations have however forced the COA to postpone large seating events like bingo, Friendsgiving and Wisdom Wednesday.

“We are actively scoping out alternative large-capacity spaces to temporarily host these events elsewhere,” she said.

Friendsgiving offers seniors a potluck meal in November and Wisdom Wednesday is a monthly session that provides seniors with instruction about health and safety.

Renovations are underway at the Taunton Council On Aging facility and most senior activities are being held temporarily at the city's building department headquarters on Oak Street.
Renovations are underway at the Taunton Council On Aging facility and most senior activities are being held temporarily at the city's building department headquarters on Oak Street.

Bonenfant said at this time, the COA is providing fitness classes, including aerobics, yoga, tai chi, self-defense, Zumba, meditation, and line dancing. These activities are open to Taunton residents over 60, but are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Residents should call the COA at 774-406-5899 to check availability, as there are capacity restrictions.

Taunton COA outreach programs to continue

The renovation and temporary relocation is not stopping elder outreach programs. Bonenfant said the COA’s elder outreach, community Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Shine programs will be fully functioning during the renovations.

“At some point, they may be remote depending on the work being done on specific days,” she said.

The Shine program is a state health insurance assistance program that provides free health care information, assistance, and counseling to Medicare beneficiaries.

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COA's Elder Outreach Program serves city residents 60 years of age or older and provides in-home case management services in English and Portuguese. The Elder Outreach Program also offers seniors in-home non-invasive nursing services, medical referrals, and guidance with loneliness. For more information on the Elder Outreach Program call 508-821-1425.

The EMS program offers seniors a “File of Life” red plastic pocket card that they can place on a home refrigerator to describe their medical conditions, health problems, medications, allergies, and medical history to visitors and ambulance crews during a crisis. Seniors can obtain a File of Life card by calling the COA at 508-821-1425.

Transportation to COA’s temporary site

The Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority’s Dial A Ride Service can transport seniors to the agency's temporary facility. Seniors can arrange transport to the site by calling GATRA at 508-823-8828.

GATRA also provides transportation on Route 4 that seniors can utilize to access COA’s temporary site.

What renovations are happening at the COA

According to the newsletter, the work includes "renovations of the center, beautification of the outdoor space and the relocation of our offices is on the horizon."

This article originally appeared on The Taunton Daily Gazette: Taunton Council On Aging closes Olney Street site, moves to Oak Street