Biola's Holmquist joins Exclusive 1,000 Club

Biola's Dr. Dave Holmquist is the fifth head coach in four-year college men's basketball history to earn 1,000 career coaching victories. Kristin Smith caught up with the living legend, who's showing no sign of slowing down after 40+ years at the helm

Video Transcript

JIM HILL: Only five head coaches in men's college basketball history have eclipsed 1,000 career wins. The latest to join the club, Dr. Dave Holmquist of Viola University in La Mirada, who reached the mark last month. Our Kristin Smith visited with Dr. Holmquist to learn more about his head coaching journey in today's "Central Feature."

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DAVE HOLMQUIST: I think you have to stay focused on why you got into coaching in the first place, and that's the relationship with people.


And I've known so many coaches who left a place that they loved to be in and look back and wish they hadn't.



KRISTIN SMITH: So did you always know you would be a coach?

DAVE HOLMQUIST: No, I didn't know. I kind of evolved into it. The head coach at the time here after I played, he asked me if I would be the assistant. And so I said, OK. And then that led to what I ended up doing the next 45, 50 years.

KRISTIN SMITH: In one word, how would you sum up your time?

DAVE HOLMQUIST: Relationships. That's the answer people give often, I know. But I think, for me here, it's been relationships.

KRISTIN SMITH: And how much have those relationships meant to you?

DAVE HOLMQUIST: I have so many friends on the faculty. Many of them are retired now. And then so many former players and current players. And I just feel great loyalty to a great number of people that I have worked with at the school.

KRISTIN SMITH: You hit a career milestone in 1,000 wins. Only a small handful of coaches can say they've accomplished such a feat. How does that feel?

DAVE HOLMQUIST: It's kind of an unfolding process for me as I think back, and talk, and exchange texts and emails with former players.

KRISTIN SMITH: And to hit such a milestone during a pandemic, I'm sure that's not the way you imagined it.

DAVE HOLMQUIST: No, there wasn't much about this year I imagined. There's nobody at of the games. It becomes more of a private kind of thing, and there's something nice about that.

KRISTIN SMITH: You have a Doctorate, five Master's degrees. Ever think about getting into something else?

DAVE HOLMQUIST: You never feel more alive than you do sometimes with basketball in terms of a wide range of emotions. And you're doing something together with other people. Those things you do together are well remembered 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago.

KRISTIN SMITH: As you look back, did you ever want to move on to maybe a bigger D1 job?

DAVE HOLMQUIST: I was having so much fun coaching here as a head coach and enjoying it so much that it was really an easy decision for me. I just felt like this was the place for me and I wanted to stay here.

KRISTIN SMITH: Who inspires you?

DAVE HOLMQUIST: Through Don Johnson, my junior college coach, I was able to have a good friendship with Coach [? Wooden, ?] and that influenced me. And players I've had have influenced me. But certainly, my junior college coach had a big influence on me.

KRISTIN SMITH: When you think about your legacy, what's the mark that you want to make on the world?

DAVE HOLMQUIST: I hope I have deep friendships with a wide range of guys that I've coached. I hope we've-- I think we have made some really great friendships. And that will be what I feel best about.