Bishop calls Supreme Court ruling a good decision

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, of the Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn, calls a recent ruling by the Supreme Court regarding coronavirus restrictions on religious services a "good decision." (Nov 27)

Video Transcript

NICHOLAS DIMARZIO: Right now, we see this as a good decision, opening up the understanding that First Amendment rights are much more powerful than the right for somebody to shop. Look, we were the epicenter at the beginning of this. Now we're the best. From the worst, we became the best. And because of the restrictions and the way people followed them.

Subsequently, with the idea of St. Bartholomew, for example, it doesn't mean they got sick in church. It means they got sick. Doesn't mean they got sick in church. And that's why our rules were very restrictive. In fact, I closed the churches down 10 days before the governor asked us to close them, because I knew we did not know what we were dealing with.