Bishop Feehan High Sets Up New Tables And Tents In Preparation For Students Return

WBZ-TV's Ken MacLeod reports.

Video Transcript

KEN MACLEOD: Schools across the state are continuing to get ready for the eventual return of students. Today, Bishop Feehan High School in Attleborough began the process of setting up their classrooms for proper social distancing, as well as adding tents outdoors for more classroom flexibility and outdoor lunches. Volunteers gathered at the school to bring in the tables, desks, and tents. The school's president told us he's excited to welcome students back.

TIM SULLIVAN: Well, I think two things come to mind today. One is how thankful we are to have all these volunteers. And the second one is how great it's going to be to bring these kids back. They need it. It's time. We believe it's safe. So we're excited to have these kids where they should be, at school.