Bison Surprises Tourists as It Climbs Onto Boardwalk at Yellowstone

A lone bison surprised tourists when it joined them on a boardwalk in Yellowstone National Park, sending some of them quickly into reverse before it crossed onto the other side.

Video recorded by Claire McCauley shows tourists near the bison, before it decided to step up onto the boardwalk, much to their surprise.

“No one got hurt, thankfully, The parks make it very clear to keep a safe distance between the animals and yourself,” McCauley told Storyful. Credit: Claire McCauley via Storyful

Video Transcript

CLAIRE MCCAULEY: Can't believe what we got.

- Oh my goodness. Look at him. [INAUDIBLE]


- It's like [INAUDIBLE] getting in bed.



- Take the stairs. Oh no, he crossed. OK.


- I thought he was on the boardwalk. Oh my god, that's crazy.

CLAIRE MCCAULEY: Oh my god. No, lady. Oh my god. Oh.