BitBite tracks your eating habits, down to how you chew

Screenshot: BitBite tracks and improves your eating habits, down to how fast you chew.

A tiny wearable called BitBite tracks and critiques your eating habits in the aim of getting you to improve on what you eat and how you do it.

Worn in the ear during meals and snacks, its microphone and sensors pick up on how fast you chew and critique your every bite on the basis that eating slowly helps shed pounds.

Using algorithms, it analyzes eating habits based on nutritional content and timing of meals and how quickly they are consumed using sound analysis and pattern recognition.

The information is then transferred to a corresponding app and quantified in various graphs and charts.

BitBite made a good first impression on Indiegogo, amassing over $20,000 of its $60,000 crowd-funding goal just 48 hours after launching, making it appear likely to ship as its future availability is dependent upon its meeting its crowd-funding goals.

BitBite can be pre-ordered for $119 with delivery hoped to start in June:

On a similar note, researchers at the University of Alabama have invented a calorie-counting device, likely to begin as a medical device, that's worn in the ear called the Automatic Ingestion Monitor (AIM). It captures the image of what you're eating as you put it in your mouth, identifies it and estimates the mass and calorie content of what you consume.