Biting into this juice bottle sounds like eating a crunchy apple

Martinelli’s apple juice is going viral

on TikTok for the strangest reason.

Biting into the short, stout bottles

of juice apparently makes the same sound

as biting into a super crunchy apple.

The trend has been around since 2015 at least

when it first gained minor popularity on YouTube.

However, that attention doesn’t compare to

the widespread nature of the trend on TikTok,

where videos of users biting into the apple-like

juice bottles have hundreds of thousands of likes.

Many comments debate whether the trick

actually works. Spoiler alert: It really does.

The plastic that makes up Martinelli’s apple

juice bottles has a little give to it, allowing

it to bend slightly to your bite.

 The bottle is also imprinted with product

information instead of having a label.

The combination of these two product

characteristics is what likely makes the trick work,

though it’s doubtful the brand intended to make

an apple-sounding crunch with their bottles.

A TikTok user named @iconiccpinkk also

posted a video cutting open a bottle of

Martinelli’s pointing out it appears to be made

of three layers of thin plastic. She suggests the

plastic layers rubbing together makes the sound.

If you want to try the weird trend for yourself,

Martinelli’s apple juice is still available on Amazon —

with a slight up-charge, due to the viral popularity.

Plus the apple juice is actually widely

beloved as being pretty dang delicious.

Just make sure you don’t buy the similar-looking

glass bottles. No one wants to bite into glass