Bizarre & beautiful chicks visit veterinarian for a checkup

These extraordinary but beautiful chicks are known as silkies. They originated in China, being prized for their beautiful appearance. As expected, their feathers are soft and silky smooth. Many people in North America keep these unique animals as pets. They are very different than regular chickens in many ways. They have five toes, as opposed to 4, and their skin and bones are black. Silkies also have blue earlobes. They come in many colors, and they are often bred for shows. But one of the most appealing things about silkies is their friendly and easygoing nature. They make excellent pets, and they will care for other breeds of chicken as well. Some farmers put them to work caring for eggs that they want to hatch. Although their origins are believed to be China, early Dutch breeders first marketed them to North Americans as a crossbreed between chickens and rabbits. Their fur was explained as mammalian, making this claim believable. These chickens also do well as egg layers, making them a useful and beautiful addition to any small farm.

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