Black Bear Nicknamed 'Boo Boo' Spotted In Scituate

A black bear that had reportedly roamed through several South Shore towns was spotted in Scituate on Monday.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: Well, a bear who officials are calling "Boo Boo" is popping up all over the South Shore.

LISA HUGHES: Yeah, the latest Boo Boo sighting was in Scituate today. Wildlife experts say he is looking for love. Police plan to just leave him alone. They believe that he will move on to a different area to find a suitable mate, they hope somewhere in the woods.

DAVID WADE: I heard he's upset by the name Boo Boo.

LISA HUGHES: That might be doing it.

DAVID WADE: He's like, my name is Tony! Why do you keep calling me Boo Boo?

LISA HUGHES: Give me a more respectable name.

DAVID WADE: "CBS Evening News."