Black Bear Sighted In Historic Frederick During Mating Season

An unexpected visitor is causing quite a stir in Frederick. It wasn't cicadas.

Video Transcript

- Well, an unexpected visitor creating quite a stir in Frederick. And no, we're talking about the cicadas.

- There was a black bear sighting in the historic district over the weekend. So take a look. Even the state's bear expert admitted that's a big bear. The chatter started in the everything Frederick-- hard to get over the fence-- Facebook group, with people sharing their photos of it.

- At one point, the bear was in Susan Witmer's driveway.

SUSAN WITMER: I go to Walgreen's for 30 minutes, and my neighbor shoots me a picture and says, "Look what's in your driveway." I thought it was pretty cool, myself.

- Big. Scary. (LAUGHS) I mean, I don't want to-- I really don't want to see him. [? Fine ?] with me. I would like to see him far away, but not up close.

- Smart man. Maryland DNR says the bear could just be looking for some love. June to August is black bear mating season and the hormones make them take more risks, such as the risk of climbing a fence and going around people.

- And if you get caught in an encounter with a bear, the DNR says make yourself as large as possible, talk loudly and back out.

- I'm going to do the backing out first, then the talking loudly and then making myself big.

- But this poor fence, OK?

- Yeah, I know. It'll never be the same.

- (LAUGHS) I'll tell you.