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Black Bear Spotted By Pittsburgh Police In Several Neighborhoods

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Pittsburgh Police and Public Safety officials are on high alert after several sightings of a black bear right here in the city. KDKA's Royce Jones has more.

Video Transcript

- Beware of bears. There have been several black bear sightings across our area recently, including here in Pittsburgh.

- Royce Jones joins us now with some video from neighbors. And what experts are encouraging people not to do if they see a bear. Royce.

ROYCE JONES: Well you guys, a black bear marching through a city street like this, you can imagine neighbors are shook. Tonight police are telling them, don't chase after the bear, also don't feed them, especially considering they are hungry. And they'll go just about anywhere in search of food, especially right here on Sweetbriar Street in Mount Washington.

Surrounded by woods, the South Side Slopes provides residents, like Cookie Debruin, a sweet escape from city life.

COOKIE DEBRUIN: I have seen deer and turkeys and raccoons.

ROYCE JONES: But what she saw today was too much to bear. Her neighbors sharing with us this surveillance video from her home on St. Joseph Way. A black bear wandering outside her front door around 3:00 this morning. The homeowner tells me the bear caused no harm. But was nice enough to come back and drag away her trash before disappearing into the night.

COOKIE DEBRUIN: I knew I should never take the garbage out at night.

ROYCE JONES: Pittsburgh Police responded to several calls about black bear sightings this morning. Officers saw one prowling around in Overbrook, and again in Mount Washington. The Pennsylvania Game Commission tells me these are probably cubs, free from mama bear, off pursuing a life of their own.

ZEB CAMPBELL: These cubs are out dispersing, looking for something to eat.

ROYCE JONES: The warden is unsure if this is the same bear. But encourages people to take precautions by putting away trash cans, feeders, and cleaning drippings from outdoor grills. They travel at night. And if you happen to see one and can't call 911--

ZEB CAMPBELL: Just make a loud noise. Make yourself look big and they know what's going on.

ROYCE JONES: Not this guy. But coming up on KDKA News at 6:00, hear from a man who says he took on a black bear himself to save his dog from its grasps. I'm Royce Jones, KDKA News.