Black, Brown, And Irish Twitter Show No Mercy for Queen Elizabeth II

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While millions of people in the UK and throughout the world are mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II, many more people are expressing reactions that range from indifference to jubilation. As Blavity previously reported, Elizabeth’s role in presiding over the last decades of the British Empire has left a very mixed legacy for the deceased monarch. For many, her death marks not a tragedy but the end of a colonial era, and folks on Twitter went in on the Queen and the British monarchy after news of her death broke. Here are some of the harshest and most telling Twitter reactions to the passing of the Queen.

Black Twitter hasn't forgotten about colonialism

Black Twitter erupted over the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who became queen when much of Africa and the Caribbean were still under British rule, with users scoffing at the idea that they should be somber in the face of the Queen’s death.

“Imagine telling Black twitter to be respectful of the death of the woman who inherited the legacy of an empire that contributed to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade,” posted one user. “Please be fr.”

Another user wrote:

“British Twitter: Our Queen just died can y’all NOT make a joke about this??”

“Black Twitter:”

With an attachment of a GIF of Billy Porter.

Indian Twitter rejects mourning for Queen Elizabeth II

Despite the announcement by the Indian government of a period of mourning for the Queen, Indian Twitter users rejected the idea of mourning the symbol of the British monarchy, which ruled India until a few years before Elizabeth II took power.

Irish Twitter reminds the world they also suffered from British conquest

Ireland was also conquered and ruled by Britain before most of the island eventually regained its independence. And Irish Twitter made its presence known.

“British Twitter: ‘Americans are disrespecting the Queen.’

“Irish Twitter:”

With an attachment video of the famous meme from Usher’s NPR “Tiny Desk” concert.

Queen Elizabeth II's passing united post-colonial communities

The common reaction of formally colonized people from around the world has brought together these different communities online to collectively roast the queen and the monarchy. With numerous users tweeting memes and noting unity.

One user tweeted: “Irish and Black Twitter roasting Queen Elizabeth:”

With a photo of Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson from the film White Men Can’t Jump.

Numerous tweets followed with users posting various celebratory videos and unifying photos.

As public mourning for Queen Elizabeth II endures, expect the roasting over social media to continue as well.