Black Girl Magic: Solange Knowles Is The First Black Woman To Compose Original Score For New York City Ballet

Let’s be honest what can’t Solange Knowles do?! She’s talented, fashionable, a boss and now labeled a composer of the original score for the New York City Ballet!

Our girl is taping into a new role and challenging her musical skills. She has been appointed by the New York City Ballet to compose an original score for a forthcoming ballet production, led by choreographer Gianna Reisen. In case you’re interested the ballet will premiere for an audience at the New York City Ballet’s annual Fashion Gala, held on Sept. 28.

According to the New York Times, Solange will arrange her composition to be performed by a chamber ensemble that includes several of the performance artist’s past collaborators. We’d also like to point out that Solange is the first Black woman, as well as the second woman of color, to compose a score of a production by the New York City Ballet.

If you’re not one of the lucky people to attend on Sept. 28th, the production will also be available on Oct. 1, 8, 11, and 16; as well as May 2, 11, 13, 17, and 18, the New York Times reports.

The score for the NYCB will mark her first music since her 2019 album, ‘When I Get Home,” which also came with a companion film. Could this be a disguised album on the way? If so we’re totally here for it and can’t wait to see what magic Solange Knowles will create in this new role.


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