‘Black Guy’ label for student in yearbook was created by employee, Indiana school says

Chacour Koop
·1 min read

An employee was responsible for labeling a student “Black Guy” in a high school yearbook in Indiana, officials say.

The yearbook for Brown County High School in Nashville, a town about 50 miles south of Indianapolis, referred to a Black student as “Black Guy” rather than his name, a social media photo shows.

The school investigated and determined the faculty adviser for the yearbook created the “offensive content.” No current or former students had a role, the district says.

“Both the family of the student and the former faculty advisor involved have committed to a restorative conference where the harm that was caused is acknowledged, the individual causing the harm is held accountable, and an honest discussion about the harm caused by this inexcusable act is conducted,” Superintendent Laura Hammack and Principal Matthew Stark said in the statement.

The employee will be suspended without pay for two weeks and no longer serve as faculty adviser, officials say.

Nearly 97% of Brown County residents are white and 0.7% are Black.

“We also understand this discussion will and needs to continue,” the statement said. “We are having meaningful conversations with students, families, and members of the larger Brown County community to help ensure an incident of this type will never happen again.”

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