Black Joy and Plants: A Guide to Growing Into a Plant Parent

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Plant care can be self-care. Taking care of plants does not have to be stressful. In fact, caring for plants can help us deal with all the stress in this crazy world.

Since the pandemic, many of us have gotten into acquiring plants, but sometimes we may go out and buy the first pretty thing we see only to have it die on us two days later. Why can’t my home office be lush and green like the ones on TikTok?

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But you don’t have to be a neglectful deadbeat plant dad like myself. There are lots of Black “plantfluencers” to draw inspiration from, whether it’s Black Men With Gardens, Botanic Black Girl or Garden Marcus. The Black online plant community can turn you into a loving plant parent.

Lucrecer Braxton is one of them. She is a gardener, plant lover and the founder of Soul Sista Plants. In the video above, Lucrecer shows us five beautiful plants that are low maintenance and easy to take care of as well as general plant care tips. No matter the size of your apartment, or if you are, like me, a natural-born plant killer, we all deserve beautiful, healthy, lush plants in our space.

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