Black Lives Matter Cuba statement is tone-deaf. But it doesn’t mean BLM is Marxist | Opinion

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Friends often ask me why I remain a Roman Catholic when I disagree with so much of the Catholic Church’s retro doctrine. My answer is simple: The Catholic Church hierarchy is not the Catholic faith movement.

If I thought for a second the two were one and the same, I’d have tossed my missal years ago.

And I feel the same way about the Black Lives Matter racial-justice movement.

Especially, after the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation — BLM’s church hierarchy, as it were — posted a leftist statement about the unrest in Cuba that was as about as clueless as they come.

It’s an astonishingly tone-deaf love letter to the island’s repressive and oppressive communist regime. It absolves the dictatorship of any role in the economic and human-rights suffering of 11 million Cubans while heaving every ounce of blame on the United States.

I, too, support lifting the U.S. economic embargo against Cuba. It does hurt regular Cubans on the island. But I favor scrapping it just as much because for six decades it’s given the regime an all-too-convenient scapegoat for its iron-fisted incompetence — not one mention of which you’ll find in the Foundation’s penned-by-the-politburo declaration.

Like a term paper from a zealous sophomore poli-sci major, it’s stuffed with ideological incoherence.

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